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Why You Need A Website!

As the Internet has grown in popularity, the decision for business owners about whether to own a commercial site has become a great deal easier.

The cost of creating a website has dropped, the complexity of maintaining a site has fallen -- and the benefits a site can bring for a business have grown larger than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to promote a bricks-and-mortar store, earn with a virtual business, or just let the world know who and where you are, a website is now a vital tool for every company.

There are at least three major reasons that every entrepreneur needs a website:


1. A Website Can Be A Hands-Free Money Machine

Thousands of people online are making money with a website that earns while they sleep. Their web pages do the selling, their shopping cart system takes the orders, their payment system collects the cash, and the code sends the product on its way.

Whether you’re selling information products that users can download or goods that need to be shipped, a website is the easiest way to make your pitch and complete your sales.

No other business model can provide such an automated process from pitch to delivery, letting you earn easily.


2. A Website Tells Leads All About You

Tell a lead the name of your business, and you can expect them to look for you on the Web. They’ll read about you at their leisure, they’ll understand the services you offer and they’ll be persuaded by your portfolio.

Meet a lead face-to-face and you’ve only got a few minutes to close the deal.

Meet them online and your pages will have all the time in the world to create interest and make the sale.


3. A Website Offers Flexible Marketing

Online marketing doesn’t stop at the home page. Once a user has reached your site, you can build on their interest with auto responders and newsletters. You knock down objections with a well-written FAQ.

And you can make it easy for leads to contact you through email, instant messaging or an old-fashioned phone call.

With a little imagination -- and a good design -- a website can massively increase the sales of any business.

Every day that passes without a website costs you money. Order yours today.