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PayPal Star Developer Award Winner 2005
What Do Scorpion Systems
Customers Have to Say?
Award Winning Web Developers

They did an excellent job for me in less than 24 hours. Doesn''t get much better than that and they stand behind their work. Many kudos!


Thank you for working hard to understand and deliver on this project. Much appreciated, it''s working well.


I was truly impressed by the how fast the work was completed. Not only that, this project went the extra mile! Excellante!


I highly recommend ScorpionSystems webdesign for any services that require code writing and correction of website design. They worked quickly and efficiently, kept me informed of changes and problems, and were very professional in every way. When we exceeded the alloted time and budget, they made allowances and worked extra time within the extra cost. ... I would use their services again because they know the business thoroughly.



Scorpion Systems Web Design were helpful, considerate and created a site that reflected the feeling I wanted to achieve. Youtful, personal and helpful for all my sons friends to express there loss. I will certainly recommend and use the company again. Thank you


Brilliant work. Excellent communication.


The responsiveness and professionalism of this company was excellent. They were outstanding in there knowledge of the subject matter .I highly recommend this provider and would work with this provider again in a similar capacity.

-bond- DermaCeuticals

This provider was very understanding and provided a level of work and professionalism that is rare to find! I couldn't recommend this provider more.


Scorpion Systems did a GREAT job on my project. From start to finish they bent over backwards for me. Even though it wasn't a big job, they were always there making changes, doing this and that. I highly recommend Scorpion Systems and hope to work with them again.


I want to thank you for fast, superb work and very courteous customer service. If you wish any sort of testimonial quote from me for your website, I'll be most happy to oblige.


"Thank you so much for your perseverance!  I am SO relieved to have it all set and ready to use. Pay Pal was stalling me for two or three days. Now I can tell them to forget it.!  Thank you so much for your help .I have been fighting this think for months!  I am going out and get  a degree in Web construction in self defense! No, I am afraid that I am too old for that. I will call on Scorpion Systems a lot sooner now that I know about you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

- Mareta-

"You guys are really good. I appreciate all the  personal attention. I’ve already recommended you to others. Best of luck in  all things! If you collect testimonials, please feel free to quote  me."

- Mark- Term Edit

"Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job Robert and Jason has been doing . This is very much appreciated. Your service and staff have been total High Class!! I look forward to many years of business and friendship"

- Sosio-