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PayPal Star Developer Award Winner 2005

Setting up PayPal for Beginners
Buy Now Buttons

From Scorpion Systems

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Now lets look at some PayPal input fields you can use

What are fields well they are the question and answer spaces on that deposit form I told you to compare with. This is the information you will send to PayPal.

The fields

Working off of the previously learned input tag I will run down some type / name / value pairs. Again name being the field name value being its value. Each has to be in the input tag format

hidden / input name / input value - would be written like this
<input type="hidden" name="input name " value="input value">

hidden / cmd / _xclick
This field is used to tell paypal what kind of button it is. Kind of like the account type box on that Deposit form. There are a few diff rent values used for other types of buttons. This is for Buy Now Buttons so we are going to use _xclick

hidden / business / your paypal email address
This is like the account number box on the deposit ticket. It tells PayPal who the payment is going to.

hidden / item_name / the name of your item
This field tells PayPal the name of the item the user is buying.

hidden / undefined_quantity /0 or 1
this field lets paypal know if the user can order more than one of the items. If you set the value to 1 PayPal will let the user change quantity on the checkout page. If set to 0 or the input field is left out PayPal will not offer this option and the user will only be able to order 1.

hidden / amount / the price of your item
This field lets PayPal know the price of your item. This must be in 0.00 format. If this input field is left blank or left out completely it will allow the user to enter their own price on the checkout page.

hidden / return / success page URL
This field tells PayPal where to send the user upon successful payment. It is used for sending the user back to a thank you page of sorts on your site. example:

hidden / cancel_return / Canceled Order page URL
This field tells PayPal where to send the user if they cancel payment. It is used for sending the user back to your page site if the user cancels their payment. example:

hidden / no_shipping / 0 or 1
This field tells PayPal if they should ask for a shipping address or not. If set to 1 your customer will not be asked for a shipping address. If set to 0 or left out they will be asked.

hidden / cs / 0 or 1
This will tell PayPal what color to make the check out screen 0 for white 1 for black.

hidden / image_url / Logo Image URL
If you would like to ad your logo to the top of the order page this is the field to use. enter the full url of the image you want to use. example . The only thing is if it is not hosted on a secure server(HTTPS) the users will get a security alert. If you do not have a secure server we offer a service to host your images starting at $12.00 per year. Click here to get secured image and web hosting

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