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Now lets look at a Input tag

An input tag lets the browser know information for the form is included with in this tag. Like the line under the fields on your deposit form.

<input type="hidden" name="input name " value="input value ">

Ok lets break it down

Lets the browser know this is an input tag.

Lets the browser know what type of input to expect. the values you should know are:

hidden - not visible to the user but will be passed behind the scenes

text - allows user to enter information

textarea - Same as text but supplies a scrollable area

checkbox - allows user to select multiple options not related (forks, spoons, knives)

radio - allows user to choose an option out of a selection (red, blue, yellow)

name="input name"
Name of the field ("Account number" on that Deposit ticket)

value="input value "
The value of the field or Initial Value of the field.

Again used to close the tag

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